A visit to Mrs Potts Chocolate House

As a person who enjoys eating and drinking out from time to time, I thought it was time that I did a blog post of my experience of eating out somewhere. Also, as a keen chocolate lover, I thought it was high time that I paid a visit to Mrs Potts Chocolate House down Park Street in Bristol. I had never been to somewhere that only sells desserts and chocolate treats before and with the popularity of dessert houses rising and my love of chocolate, for me it was a no brainer to try a nice treat there.

Apon walking in I was surprised at how busy it was. It was on a week day that I went at around 2:30pm and had plenty of people filling the seats and had quite a lengthy que going from the till. I was very intrigued to see what chocolatey treats awaited me and was rather hungry and was eyeing up the cakes in the que as they looked so lovely but I wanted to see what other items that they had available.

Once I’d passed the cakes I came to a few menus, one for the drinks and one for food. As I was glancing at what was available I was still distracted by those lovely cakes and had now spotted some other lovely treats in the window next to the till such as cookie sandwhiches, blondies and a Coronation themed dessert. They also had a sharing platter consisting of things such as strawberries and chocolate sauce which looked rather scrumptious, but I was on my own so I went for something a bit smaller. I decided to go for something called a Dream Cake which was a lovely dark chocolate sponge cake with white chocolate icing on. I then requested a milk chocolate sauce to be drizzled on top of the cake. (They also had white and dark chocolate sauces available which I was tempted to have on my cake aswell.) It cost £8.20 and I was also tempted to try one of their hot chocolates aswell but I thought the cake with the sauce would be enough for me this time, and you do get a very good sized portion of cake might I add. I didn’t actually find the cake too much and the flavours and the chocolate were delicious. I am a chocolate lover and have tried many chocolate treats over the years, and Mrs Potts didn’t disappoint in terms of taste and quality. You could tell it was good quality chocolate and I could see why it was so popular that day.

I really enjoyed my cake and my time there so much that I came back about a week later to try one of their hot chocolates. They have 6 different flavours to choose from – White, Roasted White, Milk, Classic, Dark and Very Original. I was torn between the white and the milk but decided to go for the milk. Apon placing my order at the till, the lady who served me asked if I would like this with whipped cream and a marshmellow. I decided to treat myself and go for it and was treated to a lovely big helping of whipped cream on top of a large cubed marshmellow floating in the middle of my hot chocolate. The hot chocolate cost £6.30 with the extras and was delicious and again like the cake it was very good quality. And it didn’t take me long to demolish the cream and the marshmellow.

If you’re a chocolate and dessert lover I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy taking a visit to Mrs Potts and enjoying a chocolatey treat or two.

Bye for now.


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