About me

Hi there! And welcome to my blog. My name’s Natalie, I’m an actress, singer & dancer living in the city of Bristol. I like & enjoy things such as performing, make up, beauty, lifestyle, wellbeing, amongst other things. I also like blogging & vlogging and started this blog to talk about and share some of the things that I love.

Fun facts

I am a creative. I always tended to do well at creative things and lucky for me a lot of my passions were in these areas so I decided to pursue them.

My late father was a well known boxer in his country of Costa Rica and once had a boxing match with Frank Bruno and was also in a sparing scene in the film Rocky.

I am very tall. About 5’10

I dislike spiders, clowns and the dark

I am originally from a small market town called Newark on Trent which is not too far from Nottingham, and have lived in Bristol for about 8 years now.

I am an animal lover. Especially dogs and cats.

I hope you like what you see.

Natalie x

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