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Hi there and welcome to my second blog post. Since this is one of my first blog posts, I thought I’d do a bit of an introductory/about me blog. If you’ve just come across my blog page, then hello! Welcome to my blog. In it you’ll find a variety of different things such as lifestyle, beauty, make up, amongst various other things that I like and am interested in. I started this blog to talk about these things. To perhaps reach out to other people with similar interests and to have my own little space which I can talk about and have content around the things that I love.

So, now you know abit about my blog how about I tell you about about myself? I’m a 36 year old Bristol based girl originally from a town called Newark on Trent which isn’t too far from Nottingham. I’m an actress, singer & dancer and I’ve lived in Bristol for about 7 years now.

Growing up I was always in to and good at creative things, and luckily for me alot of my passions were in these areas and I started to chase them. I started young with my dancing then caught the acting bug at school and singing came alot later where I started to utilise my voice in shows then realised I could do alot more with it and found it.

It’s early days yet, but I’m so excited about my blog and talking about the areas that I love. You can also find out a few more bits on my About Me page

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