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Now I love visiting The Slug & Lettuce on a night out. They do awesome cocktails, play music to have a boogie or a bop too and the decor is super stylish there. In Bristol they have two Slug & Lettuce bars, one in the city centre and one by the harbourside. Today I visited the S & L Harbourside and thought I’d try out the food there for the first time. Of course I had to sample a couple of cocktails too, but the main visit for visiting today was to try the food.

It’s situated in a nice location close to lots of other bars, restaurants, the planetarium, aquarium and my gym is virtually next door. I arrived about 1:00pm and decided to sit at one of the booth type seats and table not far from the bar. It was a nice area and view from where I sat and it was nice to be able to order food & drink from my seat by scanning the QR code on my table. It also wasn’t a very long wait for food and I received the drinks quite quickly.

They had menus for brunch, mains, sides, starters, sandwhiches, drinks and deserts.

I love the decor there. It’s very pretty and stylish. I like the relaxed atmosphere there and felt very comfortable in the day there. I usually have been to the Slug & Lettuce in the evening but enjoyed visiting it in the day.

They have 2 for 1 cocktails at certain times of the day but I decided to go for their boujee cocktails which weren’t included in the offer. I opted for the cocktail called “Beach, please” which was made with tropical Bacardi spiced rum, pineapple syrup, fresh lime juice and fever-tree ginger beer. It has a real kick to it and I could really taste the rum & ginger flavour from the ginger beer. It had a very warm, spicy, pineapple flavour and I loved the pineapple container it came in.

For food I had a double cheeseburger with salad and also some king prawn skewers. The burger came with bacon but I removed it as I’m not really fond of bacon in burgers or salads. The burger was good quality and very tasty. It came with two good sized beef patties, a slice of cheese and some lettuce in the bun. It was very filling and I had it with a side salad as apposed to chips as I thought it would be too much. It was definitely one of the better burgers I’ve had eating out. It wasn’t greasy or fatty like some are which I appreciated. It came with barbecue sauce which was nice and I asked for some tomato ketchup aswell.

The king prawn skewers came in a crispy coating which I’m not usually keen on as a rule, but I enjoyed the crispy coating on these. The dip was a slightly spicy mango, chilli and pineapple sauce and and went well with the prawns. I enjoyed them and ate most of them. I was full from the burger and drink so left just a little bit.

So, regarding dessert I was going to go for the Mochi which I have grown to love recently. But I opted for a cocktail called “Confessions of a Chocoholic” which was suggested by one of the members of staff. The ingredients were Smirnoff vanilla vodka, Mozart white chocolate liqueur, salted caramel syrup, with double cream, caramel curls and a chocolate cigarette for the topping. I loved this cocktail. It’s sweet, creamy & chocolatey and a bit like a dessert in a glass! Very chocolatey and very moreish! My favourite cocktail from S & L that I’ve tried.

All in all the Slug & Lettice Harbourside is a lovely little place whether for hitting the cocktails at the weekend or having a little something to eat there. The staff were very helpful, professional and friendly and the service was good. I would happily go back for something to eat there sometime. And going back for their luscious cocktails is a given!

I hope you enjoyed this blog.

Natalie x

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