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I have really been looking in to health and wellness alot in the past year or so and have found that I use a variety of different things to keep me on the track of being healthy and well. Off course I try to eat healthy and aim to have fruit and veg every day, but I’ve found that that there are other things that can help contribute to health and wellness.

Green tea

I started to take an interest in green tea as I heard that there were so many health benefits to it. (Seriously, you’d be surprised look them up.) And I wanted to drink something healthy as an alternative to water which is what I seem to drink alot of. I find that I like to drink green tea with a flavour to it such as jasmine or lemon, I’m not so keen on drinking green tea unflavoured. So some of the benefits of drinking green tea can be things such as alleviating anxiety, stress and depression, enhancing memory, lowering cholesterol and is full of antioxidants. I’ve found that it can make me feel more alert, can helping bloating and gives me an overall feeling of wellbeing. It also can help lift my mood, not not mention its super healthy.

Wellwoman vitamins

I started to take Wellwoman tablets about a month ago after looking around for some really good quality multivitamins. I looked up reviews of the product and was pleasantly surprised to see mainly positive ones. I’m getting on well with these so far and they are currently the UKs number one women’s supplement brand. Wellwoman have a wide range of nutrients and ingredients in them such as vitamin B6, vitamin B12, iron, zinc, vitamin C, Primrose and Starflower oil, biotin plus others. I like the fact they support various things such as female health, the immune system and skin, hair & nails.

Origins Peace of Mind on-the-spot relief

I bought this product after trying to find something that would help the tension that I get in my head. I came across a tester whilst in House of Fraser in the Origins section and to my surprise after a little while I started to feel better. You just apply a little bit to the back of your neck, your temples & your earlobes and leave it to work. It works great for the tension that I get in my head and its small enough to carry around with me. A great little product.


I mentioned earlier that I drink quite a bit of water and with good reason. Apart from tea and smoothies I don’t really drink anything else when I’m at home apart from water. It just makes me feel that much better and healthier and has so many benefits. Some of which include lubricating the joints, helping boost energy, it helps your kidneys stay healthier, can flush out toxins and can help improve your skin. If you’re looking to try and drink a bit more then I’d definitely start with water.


I love smoothies and my Nutribullet is great for making them. I enjoy fruit smoothies mainly and may add a bit of veg to them sometimes. Smoothies are packed full of vitamins and nutrition and it’s also a great way to boost your fruit and veg intake. They are so easy to make and I find that they taste delicious. You can also experiment with lots of different fruit and vegetables and can also add other ingredients to them such as yogurt, nuts and honey.


With matcha having a moment at the minute, I kept hearing about it and how good it was for you and how people were swapping it for their usual coffees etc. So I thought I’d give it a whirl and see what the fuss is all about. So I tried plain matcha and wasn’t a fan, but the second one I tried it was flavoured with milk and I loved it! Raspberry ripple flavoured matcha to be precise. Paired with Oat milk is rather lovely.

Art Journaling

I started art journaling about 3 years ago after seeing some art journaling on YouTube and thinking how much I’d like to do that whilst also revisiting my arty side. I find it very therapeutic and it’s such a great way to be creative and try new things like backgrounds and mixed media and incorporate things like quotes, stencils and even collage in to it. I find it great for my mental health too.


I’ve always liked candles. I love how calming they are and how lovely the scents you can get with them can be. I’ve started to look in to more natural candles recently and looked in to a candles with essential oils in them. I decided on this candle with lemongrass and bergamot because of the benefits of them for things like relief of stress, anxiety and depression.

Yoga mat

I’ve been doing yoga regularly for about 2 months now. I’ve been to a few drop in classes and have also been doing it at home by watching a few of the lovely ladies who teach it on YouTube. I’m already seeing a difference in the way I execute the movements and the great thing is that you can do it anywhere! I get a lot of use out of my yoga mat and and also do a lot of dance stretching on it at home as well as taking it to ballet class to do a bit of stretching and yoga on it at the beginning of class.


I find journaling quite relaxing and therapeutic. I have several different journals. One is for jotting down my thoughts a bit like a diary and writing down sub sections like my mood, achievement, activities, affirmations and other things, and another I use more like a bullet journal to write down things like lists, a mood board or a brain storm for instance. I try to to do it at the end of every day whilst winding down before getting ready for bed.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. I plan to look in to more health and wellness products in the near future. Have you got any favourite things or products that you like to use? I’d love ro hear them. Thank you for reading!

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