Ideas for a pamper & self care day

I find that a bit of time out from the everydays of life and having some me time really helps me and makes a big difference to how I feel. And we all deserve a bit of pampering and self care from time to time. So, here’s my list of ideas for a pamper and self care day.


I’ve taken a big interest in skincare in the past few years. We as people seem to be more interested in it as ever at the moment with the growing number of skincare products and gadgets on the market at the moment.

I like to give my skin a thorough cleanse with a double cleanse sometimes instead of a single cleanse which I find beneficial.

I then like to exfoliate with a gentle oatmeal exfoliator which gets rid of all the dead skin on my face and makes my skin appear brighter.

I don’t tend to use toner as I have sensitive skin but I do like to indulge in a face mask. I find them great for clearing my skin and always leaves me feeling pampered and refreshed.


Having a bath or shower. I find they work wonders in making me feel relaxed, calming my anxiety and soothing my muscles. Things like Epsom salts, aromatherapy oils & bath/shower products can add to the experience of relaxation and pampering.

A good one I like to use on a pamper day is a body scrub. They are good for several different things such as unclogging your pores and leaving your skin smooth.

I like to apply body lotion once I’m dried and letting it soften my skin and make me smell nice.

Getting a massage. If you don’t fancy going to a beauty salon for one then ask a friend or partner to massage you.


I like to wash my hair on self care day then put a hair treatment in my hair and leave it on for the required time then rinse. It makes such a difference to my thick, dry hair.


I find lighting my favourite candle whilst I relax really calming and therapeutic. Along with some relaxing music that you can download and listen to on your phone (Tip: If you download beauty therapy music and sounds you can have similar music to what they use in the beauty salons!)


Getting fresh air and exercise. It doesn’t have to be a lot but will make you feel good and refreshed!

Make yourself something comforting like a cup of tea, hot chocolate or maybe a healthy green tea. These drinks are quite comforting and even if you’re not willing to dabble with green tea which is super healthy by the way, a cup of tea does have some pretty healthy properties to it. And who doesn’t like the taste and feeling of having a hot chocolate? Either that or pop to a coffee shop and relax! I always find it nice to treat myself to a really good quality coffee.


So, if you’re in a DIY pampering mode and don’t fancy paying a trip to the beauty salon, then you can do a DIY manicure and pedicure. I bought a few things online such as a double ended steel cuticle pusher and scraper, cuticle remover liquid, nail files, cuticle oil and some nail strengthener and nail varnishes and they’ve made a nice difference to my nails. Finish it off with a nice hand cream.


Pick out some of the nicer clothes from your wardrobe to wear and make a little more effort then you usually would. It makes you feel good, and gives you something positive to focus on.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

Love Natalie x

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