Hair transformation

So, it’s been 2 years since I’ve been to the hair dressers to get it coloured. That’s a pretty long time for someone who gets their hair coloured. But why is this? As a regular of the hairdresser’s it might seem a little bizarre. But a combination of stress, health & lack of money played a part in this. Anyway, after this extremely lengthy time and better circumstances, I thought I’d better book in for a cut and colour.

So I rang the hairdresser’s and explained that it had been a while since I had been so wanted to check if I was still on the system. I was, but had to book in for a skin test first as it had been so long. So booked in for a skin test and explained to a stylist what I wanted. I wanted my hair dying but I also wanted some highlights aswell as a cut.

I was unsure exactly what to have in terms of colours, placements of highlights etc. So before my appointment I discussed it with hair colourist Tess who after talking with her, I decided to go for a colour close to my natural hair colour which worked really well as it disguises the pesky grey hairs that have started to sprout and then the copper highlights would also help with this in terms of regrowth, and would also add some nice tones and vibrancy.

I was very hesitant to post a photo of my hair before, as it hasn’t been in this condition since I can’t remember when. The condition was dull, lifeless, and had split ends in after not having it cut for so long. It also had several grey hairs which had started to sprout more in the last 2 years which really added to making my hair look dull. But, I decided on showing you to show you just how much of a difference this trip to the hair dressers made.

Tess started to apply a colour to the roots first with Global Regrowth with a rich chocolate brown shade in Inoa shade 5.32, then once finished she did free hand balayage with pre lightener on the mid lengths and ends. Once this has been left to develop I was taken to the massage chairs where I had my hair rinsed then had my hair toned with a golden copper toner Dialight 8.34 + 7.4 whilst I had a lovely head massage once that was rinsed off and also enjoyed the luxury of the massage chair.

I then went back to the chair where my hair was blow-dried and cut by fresh stylist Amy who put long layers in, cut several inches off the bottom and then shaped it around my face and finished it off with some beautiful curls.

And here it is, the finished result!

Needless to say I was more then happy with the result. I didn’t want anything too drastic but neither did I want it to be too subtle. It was just what I wanted and it turned out even nicer then I thought it would.

If you’re looking for a hairdresser’s I would thoroughly recommend AKA hairdressing. I’ve been going for about 3 – 4 years now and I couldn’t fault them. I was visiting several different hairdresser’s before and none of them seemed to get it quite right, but every time I come out of an appointment at AKA I feel so happy with my hair.

Thank you for reading.

Natalie x

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