Positive changes I’m making

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster for me so far this year. Therefore, I thought I would make some positive changes. I sort of see it as a bit like making some new year resolutions, only I’ll be implementing positive changes to areas of my life. It’s also something I want to do rather then feel like I have too, and that’s a great start when it comes to something like this. So, without further ado, these are the positive changes I’ll start to be making.

Daily walks

Something which I started to do recently was to start going for walks. I started back in April after I came out of hospital to start me getting active again and I felt so much better for it. It’s so good for you and can provide a multitude of health benefits such as reducing stress, burning fat, reducing depression, helping with sleep amongst many others. And will be perfect for me until I go to the gym & dance again.

Watching what’s in my food

Since being diagnosed with several health conditions, I’ve become a lot more aware of what I eat. Which is a good thing, right? But I really want to switch it up a notch and take a good look of what exactly is in my food, taking a look at my diet and looking in to nutrition. I’ve already started to do things like food swaps for example almond milk instead of dairy, brown bread instead of white amongst other things which feels really good and I’m even thinking about keeping a food diary for a while. All of these things though small, are positive steps towards a much healthier lifestyle.

Taking more time for self care

Self care. It’s an area which a lot of us are guilty of not taking the time out to do for ourselves. It is also an area which has really sparked my attention recently. And one of my positive changes will be to take more time out for self care. Things such as massage, pampering, bubble baths I have found to really make a difference to my wellbeing and how I feel and so I will definitely be making a lot more time for self care and looking after myself.

Try more theraputic activities.

I realised that I haven’t been taking time out to do more therapeutic activities. Things on my agenda to try are mindfulness activities such as yoga & meditation. I also really want to get back in to doing art which I did well with at school and have just started the process of art journaling. Do you have any therapeutic activities you like to do? I’d love to here them.

Having a morning and night routine.

This is something I have thought about for a while. Whilst it may sound maybe like not a great deal, upon researching the benefits of getting some sort of routine going before bed and even in the morning sound incredibly helpful and beneficial. It’s also important for your physical and emotional wellbeing, and definitely something I really need to look at and overhaul. One of the things I struggle with is sleep sometimes, and anything that will help in making a contribution in this department is a winner by me. Just things like turning off any media stimulation an hour or so before bed, having a relaxing cup of herbal tea or scheduling a nice relaxing bath with bath salts in are supposed to work wonders so I will definitely be incorporating these in to my night time routine. It will also include getting up and going to bed at the same time which will be interesting.

To not beat myself up as much about things.

I’ve always tended to do this, whether it be a task or an audition that didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. I’ve still got a long way to go when it comes to stuff like this, but I’m determined to improve this. Show yourself a bit of self love, that’s certainly what I’ve started to tell myself more often.

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