A look back over the past year

So, here it is – my first blog post. Or techically, it would have been about my 14th. Let me explain. I had a lovely little blog running for quite some time. It was my pride and joy, and there was nothing I loved more then blogging and creating new content. However, at the start of this year I found myself in hospital for 3 months which I’ll talk about more later and in the process lost all of my work! It was upsetting of course but I’m a very positive person and see this as a fresh start as well as being on the road to a full recovery.

As I wright this It’s August and I can’t tell you how great I feel. Considering I was not in a good way about 4 months ago, I’ve come a long way. Going back to 2019 it was a bit of a mixed bag. In April 09 I went to some fantastic acting classes with Anarchy! Acting studio where I got to stretch and explore my skills and also get some more experience in front of the camera as they were acting for camera classes. I also did some teaching for a Performing Arts school doing workshops for children which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Other then that I didn’t do any more performance based work, but did continue to work hard in my flexi jobs which provided me with some income and funded my classes with Anarchy. I started to become unwell towards the end of 2019 and I wasn’t sure what was wrong with me. I started to feel depressed and was tired all of the time. It was in to the New Year in January when I was taken in to hospital after collapsing due to my throid and stress. I was in hospital for 3 months until April and have been in recovery since.  

Apart from that what else has happened? I moved house, had a huge clear out, lost about a stone & half, and sadly my beloved cat Snowball passed away. It hasn’t been the best of starts to this year, but It’s definitely on the up now. I’ve just moved in to a lovely house share and having time off work has done wonders for me in terms of recovery. Hopefully in a few months time I can return to work and get back to dancing classes and the gym etc. But for now It’s all about taking it easy.

Thanks for reading,

Natalie x


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