New Year, New goals

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a nice Christmas and have an amazing 2024. Of course, around this time of year you’ll be seeing alot of new year new me posts and so on, but I wanted to set myself some new goals for the next year. So, without further a⁸do here are some of my goals for 2024.

To switch up my fitness routine

I love keeping fit, and after having time off when I was unwell and recovering, I couldn’t wait to get back to the gym. I set myself small but achievable tasks at the gym and then built it up slowly since then with the amount of fitness I do and how long for. I found myself sticking to the same routine for a while now which not only is a little boring but it’s not very challenging for your body and something it gets used to. So I want to switch things up and try different things regularly like what equipment I use, maybe a class now and then and lifting weights. I lift some tiny barbells regularly, but I’d like to explore lifting different types of weights in the weights area at the gym.

To move to London

I love London and have wanted to move there for a while now. It’s such a beautiful, vibrant and interesting city and one of my favourite places. My health, money or not being quite ready to move there were some of the reasons why I haven’t moved there before, but as my health is very good now and I feel more then ready to move there, 2024 is the year that I’ve decided to take the plunge and move around the Summer time.

To do yoga

I went to a few classes last year whilst I was recovering from mental health and although I found it hard work, I’d like to make progress with my strength and flexibility and take it up reguarly. I’ve started to do a few sessions from home with sessions on YouTube and would like to do classes as well as at home.

To start journaling again

I took up journaling a few years ago and realised that I haven’t really journaled in the past year. I used to write down a variety of things such as lists, planning and my thoughts and found it pretty helpful and therapeutic. I’ve just bought myself a planner which I think will be useful and also have a separate note book I’ve started to use for things like the above.

To start art journaling again

I started to art journal about 3 years ago and just started creating drawings, backgrounds & mixed media art in an art book. I didn’t really have a lot of art materials and often struggled with inspiration as a beginner, but I found it really therapeutic and enjoyable. I did well at art at school so was nice to revist it and be creative. And I love looking at other people’s art journaling online. Some of my goals are to buy more materials, take risks and experiment and do it reguarly.

To travel more

I’ve realised in the past few years how much I love going on holiday, days out and visiting places. There are so many beautiful places I’d like to go and see, and I plan to to be doing this alot more in the future.

To do something for charity

So, I’ve realised that I quite like the idea of doing something for charity such as a jog at an achievable distance, an obsticle course, a skydive or something else. I like both the idea of doing something for a good cause and a personal challenge so will be looking out for things to aim for later in 2024 and working on getting myself fit for something like this.

Experiment more with cooking

I was cooking recently and I thought to myself, I really want to step out of my comfort zone and try and cook different recipes and meals. I did some cooking classes a couple of years ago and the tutors said I was very good and when I think about this, I think it’s a little bit of lack of confidence with myself and cooking sometimes that has maybe stopped me from becoming a better cook and getting more experimental. I plan to really have a good look at trying different recipes this year.

To exercise outdoors as well as indoors

I love exercising at the gym, but one of my new goals? To exercise outside. I plan on walking a few times a week to the shops or to the park and to do something a bit different to going to the gym and get some fresh air and vitamin D in the process. As I write this I’ve just come from my first walk of the year in the morning and hope that this will be the start of many.

I hope you had a nice time seeing in the New Year and that this year is a good one for you. Do you have any goals for this year? I’d love to hear them.

Until next time.

Natalie x

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