Elemis facial at John Lewis

Today I decided to get a facial at the Elemis counter at John Lewis. A bit of a skin geek in recent years with an interest in skin care and products, I thought It was high time I treated myself to a nice facial. The last one I had I think was about 2 – 3 years ago, so I decided that a bit of pampering was in order.

I booked the appointment online through the John Lewis website which was quick and easy and I went for their signature Pro – Glow Renewal Facial. I was booked in at 1:00pm but was in the area slightly earlier so asked the consultant if she could fit me in half an hour earlier, which she happily obliged as she had a free appointment.

Before I sat down I explained my skin concerns and she asked if there was anything in particular that I wanted to try. I explained that as I had sensitive skin that I would like to use the best products for sensitive skin. She explained that she also had sensitive skin and that she was getting on well with a lot of the rose based products as well as a couple of other different products. So she asked me to sit down on the big white chair and get comfortable. She also told me to put my feet up on a little stool which was nice.

The first product she used was the Pro – Collagen Rose Cleaning Balm which she thoroughly cleansed my skin with then removed with warm pads, followed by a second cleanse then a spritz of Pro – Collagen Rose Hydro – Mist. The products smelled lovely, and my skin felt refreshed already.

The next thing she did was use an exfoliating machine to get off all the dead skin cells. It vibrated slightly whilst she pulled it over my face and she included areas such as my under eye area which was surprising. Once she’d finished exfoliating she applied the Pro-Collagen Rose Facial Oil to my face which I personally really liked the feel of and my skin started to feel nice and soothed not long after she applied it.

She then applied an interesting product called Dynamic Resurfacing Skin Smoothing Essence. She explained that this was one of her favourite products as it helps all of the products sink deeper in to the skin.

After the essence I went for an add on for £20 which was an LED mask which I had on for about 8 minutes. I had heard a lot about LED light therapy and the beauty benefits that it provided, so was quite eager to try this. So some of the benefits that having LED light therapy are supposed to have are things like evening out skin tone, reducing discoloration and stimulating collagen. It felt a bit strange having the mask on at first, then after a while I felt really relaxed and could have easily drifted off for 5 minutes.

She then used an eye cream and used some massage type equipment to massage it in and around my eye area. I really liked the feeling of how cold the little roller things felt around my eyes and how nice it felt.

She then applied a Dynamic Resurfacing Vitamin C Serum and then finished off with the Pro – Collagen Rose Marine Cream. Again these products smelt just lovely and felt so nice on my skin. I was also very happy that my skin didn’t tingle or react during or after the facial.

Overall I really enjoyed the facial. It was nice to be able to relax and try so many different products. I also got a little goody bag at the end which I thought was a nice addition. In it was a travel sized Pro Collagen Rose Hydro Mist and a Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm. I also got a little Elemis roller which I believe you use around your eye area. I think the consultant must have used these or something similar around my eyes when she put the eye cream on. I would quite happily go again to get a facial at Elemis at John Lewis. The facial cost me £15 and the LED mask add on cost an extra £20. The experience lasted about half an hour and it left my skin all smooth and glowy. I’ve attached a photo below that I took after the facial. A little bit of luxury on a Tuesday afternoon.

Until next time

Natalie x

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