A trip to You & Meow cat cafe

I decided to take a trip down to Bristol’s first cat café called You & Meow. For those that don’t quite understand what I am talking about, It is a beautiful, quaint café located down Denmark Street in the centre of Bristol. And although it’s not the first time I have been, I decided to do a blog on it as it just so lovely & wonderful to visit.

I headed down for a lunch slot at 13:30pm and made my way to the entrance and waited about 5 minutes to my allotted time. The time was bang on and you are greeted by the cat café owner Ewa who goes through some house rules with you then takes you through the 2nd set of doors to which this time I was greeted by a load of kittens! Ewa explained she had just got a new litter of kittens in as the previous cats had all gotten to the age where they were ready to be adopted. If you don’t know, You & Meow take on rescue cats in their cat café then have them up for adoption when they get to a certain age and are ready to move on.

The kittens were of course adorable and after making my way past a few of the intrieged and excited little kittens I went through to the café.

It had been a while since I’d been and I noticed there was small changes in there such as new cat trees for the cats, a fountain and some other things which was really nice. It has a lovely ambience and is really relaxing and combined with interacting with the cats makes it an all round very relaxing and therapeutic experience. That is because these little cats are special and as well as having therapeutic benefits, they’re also supposed to be good for your health helping things like depression and anxiety which I must say I can totally vouch for being a sufferer of depression myself. They are also supposed to boost your immune system, lower your cholesterol, reduce your blood pressure and even help with autism. The owner even holds classes such as meditation with cats which is very popular and I cannot wait to try this.

They have a lovely menu with a variety of lovely wellbeing drinks and of course some classic drinks including coffees such as a ‘cataccino.’ Get it? They also do some lovely vegan cakes which are rather yummy and you also get a little bottle of hand sanitiser and a fishing rod style toy at your table. The cats seem to really like this toy and it was great at attracting them over!

You get an hour slot and in that time you get to play with, stroke and spend time with them. I have been super stressed recently and this little gem of an experience was just what I needed.

I went for a fudge cake which was gorgeous and far too moorish and a lovely pot of wellbeing tea. I also got to feed the cats this time which was really nice, and it certainly improved my kitten popularity. Unfortunately my phone battery had died as I didn’t charge it properly, but thankfully I had gotten photos from my trips to You & Meow before which are the photos you see on here.

If you haven’t been to the beautiful little wonder that is You & Meow cat café, then I highly recommend that you do. It’s a wonderful experience and you might just become a cat lover afterwards.

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