Summer Poems

I’m a very creative person, and something which I started to do recently was to write poems. I always enjoyed and was good at English at school, but I’ve never attempted to write a poem until now. In this blog you’ll find a collection of poems that I’ve written recently, Inspired by people, situations and a cat! I hope you enjoy them.


When I’m in bed I like to imagine you sitting up close next to me,
Your warm little body, all furry and white
is now just a memory.
You lit up my world and made me so happy, a friend that was always there,
Whether down or anxious or feeling unwell, You always seemed to know and appeared to care,
For you were really special you see,
So calming, so comforting you seemed to love me,
This makes me very happy as I also love and cherish thee,
I know you’re with me in spirit,
An angel all beautiful in heaven now,
Though I miss your beautiful face and perfect features,
I can still hear you meow.
I know that I’ll see you again, one day when I too go to heaven,
Until then I’ll look out for your presence,
and imagine you giving me affection.


Life can be a whirlwind
A journey and a ride
Sometimes it’s not always what you’d imagine
But it’s what you have inside
You are beautiful, you are brave,
You are so much stronger then you think
Be strong, be courageous,
You are bulletproof, I know you’re on brink
Things will get better, things will change
Life won’t always be the same
I tell you now be positive my friend, your life is about to start not about to end.

‘Do you see me?

Do you see me here stranger?
Do you see me passing by?
Do you see me as you walk on past through the corner of your eye?
Do you see me way down here?
I’m not so far away.
Do you see me here at all
As you go about your day?
I too was once like you, I had a job, a
I too had a family now I spend my days alone.
For I’m not so unlike you you see,
Do you see me at all?
Not just a person sat all quiet here
But a person, a soul
All I ask is that you see me
Just a look or just a hi
Would you give me the time of day?
or would you just walk on by?
Do you see me here now stranger?
Do you see my stinging eyes?
Although I don’t seem to say much
I sometimes sit and cry
What I would give to be in your shoes
So comforted so safe
To have a roof over my head
I have nothing but I have faith
To live a life as grand as you
I’d give anything to have
A home, a family, a daughter,
Some food, some clothes or a bath
Do you see me down here stranger?
As I look to you for help
Looking right at you for money
As you think about yourself
Do you see me down here friend?
Yes, it’s true I once knew you
But you don’t recognise me
As I am now do you?
Do you see me down here looking?
Do you see me crying out?
For love can be a simple thing such as kindness
And that’s what it’s all about.
Do you see me?

‘The Moon’

Bright white beautiful moon
Where are you today?
I looked for you this evening
But you appeared to go away.
I miss you like a friend you see
You brighten up the night
Along with stars you shine up there so sparkling and so bright
For I am a night owl
At one with the moon and stars
It’s just a shame that I can’t reach out to you, with my hands and with my arms
For If I could just touch you I would hold you in an embrace
I’d look to see if you’d respond and look to see if you have a face
For the sunshine is too much for me
I wish apon the stars
To be able to know if you hear me
and if my prayers reach that far
For you are precious moon
You make my dreams take flight
And when I gaze apon you
my eyes come all alight
So as I say a prayer just know only this
That a night without you Moon is something that I truly miss.

I hope that you liked my little poems. I’m going to work on some more and maybe post a few more a few months down the line. For now though, it’s a goodbye from me.

Have a great day!


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