About Me

Hello there. And thank you for taking the time to look at my blog. My name’s Natalie and I am an actress, singer, dancer & musical theatre performer and I grew up near the city of Nottingham in a town called Newark on Trent. I am also a Younique presenter and love make up. And like the company and Its values, I like helping & empowering women. After joining Younique I started to develop a love for the company & a passion to help woman. And like performing, I am enjoying this journey that I am currently on with Younique.

Fun Facts

  1. I am an only child
  2. My dad was quite a well know boxer in Costa Rica in his youth and was in a sparing scene in the film Rocky. I have never met him.
  3. I am very tall! About 5’10 1/2
  4. I don’t like the dark and often leave the hall light on. I’ve also always had a fear of spiders and clowns.
  5. I met my real dad’s family for the first time who I’ve never known in 2016 after my Auntie who had been searching for me for years randomly found me on Facebook the one time I put a childhood photo as my profile picture for a week.
  6. I’m 33 but people always think I’m younger. I used to hate it in my 20’s – being ID’d, people trying to speak down to me etc. but think now, hey I’ll probably be grateful of that soon! And It’s fab for going for/playing younger roles!
  7. I am a creative. I always did well at Drama, Art, English & Dance at school and as a kid. And luckily for me my passions lie within a lot of those subjects too & I decided to chase them.
  8. My favourite programme is Game of Thrones and I’m now a GOT Geek! I love it!
  9. I love animals and have an 2 year-old cat called Snowball. She’s a beauty!
  10. I’m sensitive about things sometimes. The thought of animals getting hurt, programmes, sad news etc. upsets me. So maybe It’s fitting that I became an actor.
  11. I have Type 2 diabetes & Reactive Hypoglycemia. Both conditions affect what I eat & also my sugar levels and intake.
  12. I love vintage & retro stuff.
  13. I have a shy side, and can be shy at times until people get to know me .
  14. When I was little I used to pretend to be different characters sometimes on holidays. The signs were really there for becoming an actor weren’t there?
  15. I love & admire dancing, singing, acting, going to the gym, musical theatre, Christmas, make up, nail art, fashion, quirky, vintage, different, helping others, animals, creativity, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samantha Morton, various other actors/performers, people who make a difference.

The Performing Bug

One of my biggest passions is performing. For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a performer. There wasn’t anything else I wanted to do. I get the creative streak from my mum & grandma. (My mum is an artist.) No one else in the family performed though, so I’m not really sure where that came from. It’s the only thing I ever felt truly connected & passionate about. Especially acting. And luckily for me I was good at it. There’s nothing I enjoy more then being on stage & performing and being able to move and entertain people with your performance.

Why I blog

My blog includes some of my passions. I wanted to share my passions with others and blog about things that I love. To people who perhaps have similar interests and also to help people. Whether that be my experiences & sharing what I find good for health & wellbeing, make up & beauty looks, tutorials & reviews or advising and helping women the best I can who have been abused as a survivor myself.

My blog page will include information about myself and my journey as a performer, make up & beauty, lifestyle, health, wellbeing and a few other different things. I hope you like what you see & that you get an insight in to my world & my passions.

Have a lovely day