I am an actress, singer, dancer & musical theatre performer. For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a performer. I started dancing when I was young and used to love going to dance lessons & used to do well at it. I caught the acting bug at secondary school where to my surprise & delight I became good at something I loved. I never had an acting lesson in my life but the skill & raw ability was there which I then later developed through semi-professional drama groups such as The Robin Hood Theatre Company. I knew I could sing and used to get nice comments if people overheard me and things but the confidence & development with it came later, and after more experience, practice and utilizing it in shows I just really found it and realized that I could do a lot more with it.

I had a determination & a hunger to do well and become professional so got involved in more amateur shows then gained a place at Expressions Academy of Performing Arts training in Musical Theatre.

I’m really passionate about all areas of performing and wish to take on and try as many things as possible. I am a metzo Soprano singer most competent in Musical Theatre & pop, my dance strengths are street, jazz, commercial, contemporary & musical theatre and my strongest skill is acting.

I have also undertaken courses & classes at The Actors Class and Anarchy! Actors Studio.


Please click the following link below to see the short film ‘I Told You I was Sick‘ through Facebook




News: I’ve currently undertaking my 3rd short film called Apathy and am currently taking some classes with Anarchy! Acting Studio.