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For the first time this year I decided to get a bit experimental with my hair. I never really did anything unusual or different with it in the past, the most I did to it was once when I was 19 I put a reddish colour on it which gave it a slight purple red tinge that you only noticed in the light and then in my 20’s when I tried some box dyes a similar colour to mine which I really liked as it made it look like it was in such good condition, healthy, a little bit different mult-itonal wise etc. but I never really bothered doing anything out of the ordinary with my hair. One it was so dark nothing would really show up on it, two the thought of possibly ruining my hair with bleach or something terrified me, and three I always liked my hair. People used to comment how nice they thought it was and I liked it. I always kept it fairly long & loose as a rule, keeping it conditioned, hydrated & looked after. It started to get in not as nice condition in my 20’s when I started to use box dyes and wasn’t aware of the dreaded thing known as colour build up. I never used to dye my hair much at all in my early 20’s, I started doing it once in a blue moon then every few months and it gradually increased. I found that because of this my hair was gradually getting darker and darker over time and turned in to what I would say almost like a dull artificial black colour. My beautiful hair had gone and I was stuck with dry, overcoloured lifeless hair. So, I decided to make the decision to visit the hair dressers in about 2014 in an attempt to get it fixed. They gradually restored it by giving me subtle highlights by gently lifting the colour and putting a colour close to my actual hair colour. It worked really well and about a year or so later I was more than happy with my hair.

This is what my hair used to look like when the colour build up happened. (This is actually it looking slightly better then it was as it has products on and was a professional photo!)

             And this is what it looked like after a year and a bit of restoration. Healthy & happy!

So, roll on to 2018 and I decided to get a tiny bit experimental. I know, how daring of me? Actually doing something different with my hair. It wasn’t going to be a wham bam in your face type jobby, but I had seen stuff like dip dye with pretty colours on the end like pink, purple or blue or a few coloured streaks which I thought looked lovely. I then came across something called oil slick hair. Oil slick technique resembles the iridescent rainbow effect that appears in an oil spill. It uses lovely jewel colours such as blue, purple & green and can be as subtle or as full on as you like. I was so excited to hear that it works great for brunettes, involved no crazy bleaching and your hair would still be in good condition. So, I scooted on down to my hairdressers AKA Professional Hairdressing who I’ve been with for a while now for a consultation and we agreed that it would work on my hair and to go for some subtle oil slick streaks so It didn’t scare the living daylights out of me or if I hated it.

The process involved lightening my hair in streaks slightly which I was initially worried about, but they reassured me that it wasn’t damaging & just how far the technology had come over the years. It lifted nicely by several shades and once that had worked the colours were applied. She used a range of colours in lovely shades of green, blue & purple and left them for 20 – 25 minutes. I was obviously a little worried about the condition of my hair, but she assured me that it wouldn’t damage it and as long as I conditioned and looked after it then it would be fine. This was the finished result.


I was really happy with how it turned out. It was what I wanted and nothing too in your face or extreme and in the daylight it looked shimmering & beautiful. This photo doesn’t really do it justice because of the lighting it was in when I took it. But it was very pretty. Now, as lovely as it looked when I had it done, like all hair colours it started to fade. Only because of the type of colours that they were, it faded a lot faster then usual. The hairdresser explained that It could last up to 6 weeks and then I could get it topped up for £20, but mine faded a lot quicker. It fact I was shocked at how quick it faded, and ended up going back after about 2 weeks as it faded so much and just looked dry & lifeless. I was so unhappy with it that I explained that as much as I had been happy with the results from them in the past, that I was really unhappy with how my hair looked after not even 2 weeks. They ended up redoing it for me and left the colours on for a longer this time and discussed what shampoo & conditioner I used. They explained that it makes all the difference with what types of hair products you are using on your hair and that I was probably using the wrong ones. What I needed was a gentle shampoo that was not only for coloured hair but needed to be sulphate free. As as good as the salon ones are I couldn’t afford it so had to head to the high street and see what I could find. I found one by Loreal which was really good, and it made my hair last a hell of a lot longer.

So, my advice if you are looking at getting oil slick hair is to just really look after it. I ended up buying a serum for my hair as well as the lovely glossy effect which I had when I came out of the salon was due to all the lovely things that are in the salons products, so the effect that you see on all these lovely photos of the shimmering, glossy oil slick hair is because it takes a lot of work to get it to look like that. I ended up doing hair masks once a week for it too which helped the condition & appearance of it. But, like all nice new hairdos it has to change and fade. Which unfortunately, bought me to this. A green, blue mass of mermaid-esque faded dry hair.



Hey, I like mermaid hair. And a like bright colours. Just not on me. I couldn’t even class it as mermaid hair really. Some people go in to a hair dressers and asked for mermaid type colourful hair and it looks amazing. Mine didn’t. And to be honest the colours weren’t even bright, just a lot lighter than they were. And the green seemed to have taken over! Now bear in mind I did try to touch up a couple of coloured streaks over time when they had really faded, but I’m not a professional. It was hard to grab all the entire streak that was coloured/lightened, and I seemed to do slightly more of one colour perhaps then another, and it just wasn’t working. So, I opted to not get it done again and to go back to my previous colour.

The first part of the process of restoring my hair involved applying a red toner. Shade 566 dialogue from Loreal was applied over the whole of my hair and counteracted the bright colours that were applied previously. My roots were also dyed with a hair dye product called Anoa by Loreal which is what I have had quite a lot in the past on the whole of my hair. I love it as it so conditioning and makes your hair look super glossy and shiny, it’s ammonia free & has an oil delivery system. It seems to do my hair wonders and I would definitely recommend considering have it. The shade was mixed 5 plus 5.0.

Once it had processed and dried it actually looked pretty nice. Quite surprised how nice a shade of red looked on me!


They then applied a semi-permanent colour after which was a lovely brown colour by Redken in shades 05N & 05G. After leaving it to process I was super happy with the finished result. My hair was restored to Its beautiful best looking heathy & radiant and was slightly multi-tonal because of the red toner underneath. You can see the multi-tones more in the natural daylight. Please refer to the photo at the top of this blog for this.

The hairdressers that I go to always do such a good job. In fact, I do get a tad excited when I visit the hairdressers. I love it. Not only do I love getting my hair done, but I just love watching them work their magic on other people and watching them snip and colour away and create all these wonderful new hair styles and looks. It is so clever what certain techniques using scissors and placements of colour can create and seeing it transform people’s hair.

I really like AKA hair as they are just so good. I’ve usually tried to stick with one stylist but sometimes when they haven’t been available I’ve gone with a couple of others and they’ve all done a really good job. I always have a nice chat with my stylist, they have a massage chair for when you get your hair washed which is rather lush and they also massage your hair slightly at some point during it! They also have a nice selection of drinks which adds to the experience of feeling pampered & having a treat. I’ve only been getting my hair done professionally for the past couple of years and I was amazed that they had stuff like the massage chair etc. As I’d only used box dyes previously, and also just used to go to places that were considered pretty cheap compared to what you might pay in say the larger, branded salons. In my 20’s I recall going in for a few dry & wet cuts that would range between about £10 – £20 and washes, cuts & blow dries which ranged between about £25 – £30 which I found were all pretty average prices based on the different types of salons I went too.

I tried out various hairdressers when I moved to Bristol and I was never really happy with my hair apart from a couple of times. Some can get a bit ‘scissor happy’ and go off and do their own thing, cut too much off or just don’t listen to what you want etc. And the only problem with trying out different ones was that I didn’t really know what to expect and it was just pot luck on the results. And when I first moved to Bristol I didn’t know anyone so couldn’t go off personal recommendations & experiences. But I must have been with AKA hair for about 2 years now and I find them great. They also have different level stylists and something to suit different budgets.

I’ve left a link to the salon’s website below this blog if you’re interested at all in visiting them. Even though it seems a lot of money that you’re forking out for a colour, it’s pretty average for the prices that you would pay nowadays in salons similar too this with this level of service, amenities etc. I really like them, and they always do a good job. Even if I’ve gone when I can just afford it, it makes such a difference to my hair. You can only cover your roots with a root touch up spray or root hair colour box dye for so long! It’s definitely worth the wait. Happier hair equals a happier person! If you go to a good hairdressers, you might possibly find this is true. Some sort of self-care ALWAYS picks you up. And a trip to the hairdressers almost definitely picks me up.


You can visit AKA Professional Hairdressing’s website at






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