My experience of getting a laser & light facial at Skin Laundry

Hello! And welcome back to another blog. This particular blog is something which I’ve not done before. Although one of the things that I do blog about is beauty, this particular venture was a little bit different to the norm. It involved going for what’s known as a laser & light facial at a company called Skin Laundry based at Harvey Nichols in Bristol. You may be a bit concerned or confused as to what this actually involves. I know I was! In fact, I was nervous and hesitant at first about the concept of going for this treatment, but my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to look in to it further.

After researching about what it involved, I found out that it is a facial which involves using 2 steps – the first using a YAG laser and the second using IPL light to do a thorough deep clean which gives you clearer, brighter & younger looking skin. All really good benefits adding to the super clean, clear & glowing affect. It also takes up to just 15 minute which makes it convenient for people on the go. The treatment is unique to Skin Laundry themselves with the founder developing the signature facial after seeing a gap in the market after looking for a solution to help with acne that she developed after having her third child, and they claim to use cutting edge technology and a gold standard laser.

As mentioned earlier I was a bit unsure about getting this done at first as the concept of a laser scared me & the fact that I have sensitive skin, but I was told on the phone when enquiring that the developer has sensitive skin herself and that people that do have sensitive skin come in for them.

For me the thought of anything non-natural was always a bit scary. Anything that involves some sort of gadget that does something out of the ordinary or where you can get things that involve putting stuff in to your face (Eeeek, no thanks!) or changing it etc. That sort of thing never appealed to me. I know that people get it done, but for me personally it’s just not something that I would get done. It’s just not my sort of thing. The thought of it makes me shudder, and unless I was in a position whereby I had gone through something like say an accident that might cause some sort of alteration to the way I look for example or something, it’s just something that I would never get done. I much prefer the more natural sort of things. Facemasks, cleanse, tone & moisturiser all the way! But I’m also all for to do whatever you personally want to do/floats your boat sort of thing. I saw a blogger that I admire that had recently ventured in to the world of vlogging too and saw that she went through the process of getting a nose job. I personally thought that she was beautiful before, but at the end of the day it’s up to her and what she wanted to do/what makes her happy. It obviously meant a lot to her, it’s just not something that I would do. I’ll always be a fan and advocate of the natural way of things.


The treatment

The laser

The first part of the treatment uses a mild laser which penetrates 2.5mm below the skin’s surface to deep cleanse it by according to the website vaporizes dirt, debris, excess oil, dead skin cells, killing acne causing bacteria and releasing wrinkles. The treatment also reduces hyperpigmentation and stimulates collagen which smooths and tightens the skin.

The Light

The IPL Light which they use, which stands for Intense Pulsed Light fades sunspots, helps get rid of acne scars and broken capillaries on the surface of the skin and destroys light-sensitive acne-causing bacteria.

They also claim that the treatment Improves dull complexion and unevenness, removes spots, refreshes, nourishes skin, leaves skin softer, smoother, radiant and glowing & gives overall photo-rejuvenation for smoother brighter skin. All sounds very interesting so far right? Here is my experience of the treatment.

Upon entering Harvey Nichols where Skin Laundry was situated is Bristol, I walked over to the lovely lady at the Skin Laundry counter who I had spoken to previously when paying a visit to the store and asking her lots of questions about the treatment. I explained that I was there for a 1:15pm appointment and was told to check in on the screen they had giving my name & phone number. It also had a video playing beside it showing the process and some information regarding what it does.

After chatting about my skin and if I had any problems with it and answering a series of questions to see if I was suitable to go ahead with the treatment, I was taken to the treatment room and my skin was cleansed. I had moisturiser and a bit of concealer on which needed to be taken off before the treatment, so she took that off and popped some goggles on me to protect my eyes as you were dealing with a really bright light.


She explained that I might feel something once the laser was on and pointing at my skin, so I prepared myself and could feel what I would best describe as almost tiny little pin pricks. But it wasn’t painful or uncomfortable. After a while my skin started to feel warm and after this she then applied a cooling gel which is the same gel that is used when having an ultrasound. It’s water based, rubbish free and does a wonderful job at cooling down and soothing your skin after you’ve had the laser treatment.

She then applied the light. It was applied with what I would best describe as a sort of stapler type gun without the staples, only when pressed on to the skin it applied light to your face. There was no pain, although I could feel it. I could also detect bright flashes of light going off even though I had my goggles on and had my eyes shut. Once she had finished she then scraped off the cooling gel with what I think was a spatula. She then cleansed & toned and put on a moisturiser with an SPF in.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t take any photo’s or record any video for my blog and vlog during the actual treatment which was a shame. The lady explained before hand that what she was aware of for example was that when someone had gone to London and done a vlog before that they contacted the people in the store before hand to make them aware of what they wanted to do and something could be arranged. So due to certain guidelines about not being able to film certain things in the room and the fact that no one was available to ask permission from, the lady did the sensible thing and opted not to let me record in there just to cover her back etc, which was a shame but it was the right decision for her overall and I think she played it right.

Here is a video about Skin Laundrey and the process of the laser & light facial.

The process went quite quickly & after it had finished I felt incredibly relaxed which I was surprised at and my skin felt refreshed, rejuvenated & cleaner. I was really impressed as it did a good job and my skin was noticeably clearer & brighter. I also think It’s good that you get your first one free. It gives you a chance to try it out and see what you think with no pressure to buy.

Now, as good as the treatment was I didn’t go ahead with purchasing any more as one I didn’t have any money and two the reason I went along to get the treatment was for the simple reason that they were offering a chance to try it out for free. Also, It really intrigued me and I wanted to see what it was about.

Some before & after photo’s off the Skin Laundrey website

At £60 for a treatment it is a lot of money, but no more than you would pay for a lot of treatments say if you went to a spa or something. They also offer bundles such as 3 treatments for £140, 6 for £250 and 12 for £450. The service was very good. The lady was very thorough and make me feel at ease and answered any questions or concerns I had. I also liked the way that she didn’t try and ‘force feed’ me products at the end. For example, I can recall times where I have gone to a hairdressers or a shop for something and one of my pet hates is when they continuously bombard you with products and almost ‘harass’ you to buy a product. It’s obvious that these people have been told to ‘sell sell sell’, upsell etc. but repeatedly trying to shove something under someone’s nose when you’ve said no or are not interested is a no no in my books. This particular lady told me what was available if I did want to purchase any products, which I can vouch for judging from the cleanser & toner that she used on me are very good. They were nice and refreshing, did the job well and didn’t affect my sensitive skin at all.

She also said that they were all rubbish free and dermalogically tested which was great, so I knew that they would most likely be ok for my sensitive skin. Although I had no plans in purchasing anything, I ended up buying a hydrating face sheet mask which she recommended to use after you’d had the treatment. Of course she was making me aware & therefore encouraging me to buy products, but I decided to go ahead and buy it as it’s something that genuinely interested me and I thought it would make a nice treat. It contained vitamins, minerals & natural plant extracts and was a lovely treat for my skin leaving it refreshed & moisturized. It cost £10 which may sound like a lot of money for a face mask, and in the past I’d usually paid between the bracket of about £1 – £3.99 but it was rather nice and to be honest when you look at some of the prices of some of the more higher end & luxury brands their face masks can go up a lot more from what I’ve seen knocking about. I also resembled what I would best describe as the guy from Halloween after putting it on. However, it was a nice treat for my skin & chance to relax and pamper myself for about 10 minutes in the evening.

All in all, it was a great experience, did what it said it would and my skin was so nice and clean, clearer & refreshed. It has also made me less afraid to try things out of the usual standard ‘beauty box’ and inspired me to look at different ways of looking at my beauty care. I don’t think I’ll be booking myself in for a facial peel anything time soon, and definitely not any face altering or injecty type things as I’ve mentioned before. *Shudders* But this was great. Give it a go!






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