A look back on 2017

2017 was a mixed bag. I was diagnosed with some health conditions towards the end of 2016 so last year was a big change for me. I had to up haul my diet & make adjustments to my life and it put me out of action for a while which was frustrating as I’ve always been a very active person so not being able to go to the gym or dance for a while was a bit of a killer. I got better gradually though and they’re getting easier to manage and it’s good to be active again. Last year was quite nice performance wise. I undertook classes at The Actors Class in London that I really wanted to do which was great, did some character work, got involved in a piece of theatre with music I really wanted and undertook my first non-human & multi character part which was great fun to be part of and also interesting as I can see myself definitely venturing in to this area again in my future in regard to roles. I started a blog which is quite exciting as I’ve found that I really enjoy writing & blogging it so will be interesting to see what happens with it.

I started it focussing on areas that I love such as make up, beauty, performing, lifestyle, wellbeing & Younique. And I find that I’m discovering more and more about myself and my interests & areas that I like and do well at. I’m a very creative person so as well as the latter I can see myself doing things like DIY crafts for occasions, things for the house and stuff. Things where I can express my creativity and talents.
So, what do I hope for 2018? Positivity. Continued good & better health and to switch up my diet & fitness even more so for my health, wellbeing, future, career, to push and challenge myself & to reverse both diabetes and reactive hypoglycaemia which can be done. To continue in a nice direction. To continue training and working hard and to achieve all my goals and dreams in regards to performing. To be happy, healthy, to have new adventures, to try new things, to live my life & to live love.


New hair for 2018 – Subtle oil slick. Not sure how long I’ll keep it for but fancied a change and I really like it! Pretty jewel colours such as blue, purple & green like you would get in an oil slick were placed in streaks in my hair. 

I’ve seen a little thing that’s going around on the internet regarding reflecting back on things by answering some questions. So here are mine:

1. Last year I learnt the following about myself:

I’m always been a lot stronger then I give myself credit for & I have multi interests outside of performing as well as it.

2. Here’s something I learnt about other people:

Not everyone is as good hearted as you, don’t take that personally. Whenever you’re feeling down, stressed or deflated, things get better & there is always someone who has it a lot worse then you. For every person you meet who isn’t very nice or kind to you, there are also some lovely & amazing people in the world that are either in your life at the minute or that you haven’t yet met.

3.. An obstacle or challenge that I overcame was:

Being hit hard in the face with health diagnoses. At its worse it was tough, but things got better & continue to do so.

4. The times I laughed so hard that I could barely breath were:

Ricky generally trying to cheer me up and make me laugh especially through some tough times, and those really stupid videos that you see on facebook and youtube. Some of them didn’t half make me laugh..

5. The best memory I had was:

Probably performing work I did & Actors Class.

6. My biggest regret of the year was:

I can’t really think of any in particular, but I kind of look back and wish that things were sorted earlier health wise, but it’s just the way it is and it’s getting sorted now which is great.

7. My favourite TV show was

Game of Thrones – naturally!

8. I adopted this new positive habit

Can’t actually think of any in particular, but I do want to stop biting my nails again this year. I know it’s a terrible habit.. I think that stress maybe caused me to do it again.

9. I dropped this negative habit:

Not beating myself up as much, which is good! But still got to work on this.

10. Here’s how I grew emotionally this year

I’ve become stronger and found myself in some quite stressful situations both last year and the year before, and whenever I’ve gone through stuff like that, no matter how hard it gets I try to see it as character building & that there is a light at the end of the tunnel sort of thing. It’s never forever.

11. Here’s how I grew spiritually this year

I saw several psychics which was fascinating. I’m definitely a believer. Sure, there’s some charlatans out there (I’ve seen one!) but there are defiantly some real ones. Some have known stuff that they could not have just guessed on a whim, and I’ve made a note of a lot of stuff which they have said to come so I have a watchful eye on this with great anticipation.

12. What I am most grateful of this year

Being diagnosed with both diabetes & RH was one of those re assessing I guess you can say life changing kind of  moments, where you know there are people worse, know it could be worse but when I was feeling that ill and I got the diagnoses and help, it just made me feel relieved and especially as time went on a bit I felt grateful & thought I can still live my life, be happy, healthy & achieve what I want. I’m grateful that it’s not worse.

13. How have I changed or developed as a person

I feel a new confidence in all senses of the word. This has been a gradual thing for sure, but in things like performing, my relationship, my future & myself. It’s probably a thing when you get older no doubt, but it’s great. Sure I get those days where I don’t like my ‘gappy teeth’ or what not, or beat myself up over an audition or the fact that I have to watch that amount of carbs or whatever so I don’t feel away with the fairies due to my sugar issues. But better confidence in all those areas is always a good thing. And from a girl who like most girls growing up had insecurities and stuff, It’s a really nice feeling.

14. What am I really proud of?

My achievements with performing & handling some tough situations I had to deal with.

15. This year I practised self-care by:

Switching up my diet to help my health conditions, to rest and have naps which were all God sends. More me time, relaxation etc.

16. If I had to describe 2017 in 3 words they would be:

Interesting, thought provoking, re assessing

17. The things I discovered about myself were:

I have different passions & interests, I’m a lot stronger then I give myself credit for.

18. My biggest relationship accomplishment was:

Love. Learning to let myself go more and let barriers down which I’ve had up for years due to past relationships & experiences.

19. These are the skills I acquired last year:

Strength, patience, determination,

20. What am I looking forward to in 2018:

Career – performing, my new venture with blogging, make up & beauty with Younique and also with my blog and something else which I’ve ventured on to recently YouTube.

Here’s to a good 2018!



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