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As stated in one of my last blogs, Thursday is my new pay day so I couldn’t resist buying some little things that I came across whilst scouring Primark for t shirts. I didn’t find a t-shirt that I particularly liked that day, but I did find some rather lovely pretties including nightwear, stationary & some Christmas Decorations! Here’s what I bought.

Unicorn Christmas Tree Decoration £1.50, Primark

At £1.50 for a rather pretty decoration to add to your Christmas Tree, you can’t really go wrong. Primark do some lovely things around Christmas time, in fact I was shocked to find out whilst I was in the store the other week that they had already started their Christmas range in the Home section! Amongst the small section were Snowmen and Santas with dangly legs, baubles & some tree decorations. Me & my boyfriend have some quite nice decorations for our tree but I wanted to add another touch of sparkle with this pretty unicorn.

Donut Christmas Tree Decoration £1.50, Primark

The fact that it was sparkly caught my eye. It’s also a rather fetching shade of pink and goes nicely with our Simpsons donut cushion that we have on one of the settees. It’s also a bit quirky and different, and the thought of a pink, sparkly donut on our tree really caught my eye. It will sit nicely amongst some of the cupcake baubles & candy canes.

My Little Pony pajama t-shirt £6.00, Primark

I needed some new pajamas. I also need a new onesie but there wasn’t any that I really liked or that would fit me properly. Then I came across this little lovely! I used to love My Little Pony as a child. So much so that my mum claims that My Little Ponies were the best purchase she ever got me! I was around when the original My Little Ponies came out in the 80’s. There have been several different versions of the toys & the TV show since, and I believe the one on this t-shirt is the one they released which is either the original or most like the original ones. I like retro stuff so added this to my list of purchases.

Unicorn Pyjama leggings £8.00, Primark

I came across these pretty Unicorn pyjama leggings and thought that they would go nicely with my MLP pyjama top that I had bought. I came across Pyjama leggings in the last couple of years and they’re great as they always fit well and I don’t have to worry about them looking too small on my long legs! Always a struggle when looking for PJ’s. There were no MLP bottoms that I could see, but they went really well together. A good find!

Unicorn Slippers £8.00, Primark

Everyone seems to have gone unicorn crazy at the minute, and when you go in the shops there is usually a unicorn something. Whilst in Primark I came across unicorn lights, t-shirts & stationary just to name a few. Then came across these beasts! I was due a new pair of slippers and thought that these were the perfect pair – huge unicorns on my feet! They’re very comfy and are certainly eye catching, lol. If you’re not afraid of something big & bold for your feet, they’re great! And lets face it, a lot of slippers are either silly or quirky aren’t they?

Pusheen Multi Colour Pen £2.00, Primark

I was after a new pen. I know I only bought a new one the other month, but I dropped it as it fell out of my bag by accident and found it all dishevelled looking in my driveway all wet and ruined with the topper off *sob* So, I just happened to come across this one whilst in Primark. I was going to just buy a packet of bog standard Biro’s that day, but saw this and saw that it had multiple colours on which would be great for highlight things in my acting classes etc. And for those beady eyes observant people, yes that is the cat Pusheen from Facebook that you can include in your messages to people.

Disney baubles £4.00, Primark

Primark has been known to do some lovely Disney accessories. The trouble is as soon as they come in they sell out like hotcakes! I was so excited when I heard that they had a Cogsworth clock & other Beauty and The Beast stuff in such as baubles a while ago. But when I visited Primark to try & get my hands on some of it, there was nothing left. However, I was pleasantly surprised to come across these pretty little things when I went in the other day. They had two different colour themes in the smaller baubles & a pinky coloured range in the larger ones. They also had some huge individual baubles in the shape of Mickey Mouse heads in various different styles. So, if you are interested in getting any I suggest that you get in there quick!

Harry Potter Baubles £4.00, Primark

If you like Harry Potter, then you’re sure to like these. A set of Harry Potter baubles in each colour of the houses. I had to grab a set being a Harry Potter fan and think that they will sit nicely amongst my Disney baubles and all my other pretty, quirky Christmas tree decorations. It would be amazing if they did some other random HP themed decorations such as a sparkly pheonix, flying keys, golden snitches, hedwigs etc. Or even a Dumbledore Christmas topper! Knowing Harry Potter and the merchandise available there probably is! Lol.

I hope you’ve all had a good week and enjoyed your weekend.

Until next time,

Natalie x



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