Friday mini treats

I have started a new job which pays me weekly which has its pros and cons for sure, but today I am particularly happy as I have been skint for a while and today was my first payday. So today I decided to treat myself to some little pick me ups! The power of buying a couple of little things can result in vasts amount of pleasure. And you don’t need to spend a lot to buy some nice little treats. Here’s what I bought today.

White Shower Puff & Pink Sponge Pieces Superdrug, £1.49

Oooh, what a pretty puff. I was due a new shower puff and came across this pretty little thing whilst in town today. Well, it’s not actually little. It’s a good sized large white puff with little pink sponges inside. It’s pretty soft and feels nice on my skin and I used it for the first time today & had fun lathering it up in my favourite shower gel. You can pick one up at Superdrug.

Superfruits Exfoliating Mask Superdrug, 99p

The mask is described as a gentle exfoliating mask with extract of Raspberry, Cranberry & Blueberry fruit extracts. I love a good face mask, and I like Superdrug’s own product range. I haven’t not liked a product of theirs that I’ve tried yet, and I like the fact that Superdrug’s range is cruelty free and they also do a lot of natural and vegetarian products. So, I thought I’d try out one of their masks. It’s super cheap and superfruits are great for your skin so I will look forward to using this one.

Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven Argan Oil Hair Mask Primark or various other retailers, £1.00

I have tried several face masks from this brand before and absolutely love them. They are good value, good quality and my skin always feels and looks lovely after. I have very thick & dry hair and upon looking up good ways to moisturize and treat dry hair, argan oil came up numerous times. It locks in moisture, penetrates the hair shaft improving elasticity & preventing breakage and contains vitamin E which is good for repairing damaged hair amongst other benefits. This mask is supposed to strengthen, add shine, tame frizz and promote shine. I look forward to using this & might do a blog review on it.

Rainbow fluffy pen Primark, 90p

I love a good Primark bargain. And there are so many in this store. However, I was on the lookout for a new pen to take notes for when I start my acting classes on a Saturday soon, so after seeing this adorable little pen I had to have it. It’s cute, quirky & very kawaii. Just up my street.

Heart A4 Notepad Primark, 90p

After not buying stationary for so long (Surely It can’t have been as long ago at school, could it?) Actually, no I remember getting a bog-standard notepad at the beginning of last year I think it was. But I wanted something a bit pretty so opted for this very sweet, pink, heart print notepad.

Superdrug Bathroom Accessories Shower Cap x 3 Superdrug, £1.69

I bought some shower caps for several reasons. 1) To keep my hair dry sometimes when I have a bath or a shower and 2) For when I start using more products to moisturize my hair like masks & intense conditioners. The shower cap can help lock in the moisture. It’s £1.69 for a pack of 3 and from one I tried earlier today, so good so far. Kept the water out.

Panax Ginseng Extractum Oral Liquid Wah Yan Hong Oriental Food Specialists Bristol, Approx. £4.00

Ginseng is known for Its health benefits and is now one of the most popular herbal remedies in the world. Traditionally it has been taken to aid a number of medical conditions and to improve thinking, concentration, memory & also to help with depression, anxiety and as a chronic fatigue natural cure. Pretty cool right? The pack contains 10 small 10ml bottles that come with tiny straws and the packaging says you are to drink 1 -2 bottles a day. I would only drink one at the most as they do contain sugar, so because of my health conditions would be best to have when I require sugar or as a treat. I’m looking forward to trying these little bottles.

Metamorphosis Bath Bomb Lush, £4.25

Lush bath bombs. Who doesn’t love lush bath bombs? Or Lush products for that matter. Every lush product I’ve received from someone I have really liked, and every one I have bought for someone else, they have liked. They just do lovely, good quality products and Lush pride themselves on making fresh, handmade, organic products with vegetarian ingredients and little-to-no preservatives. I saw this one which reminded me of one of the dragon eggs from Game of Thrones. This one contains black pepper, myrrh resinoid and Cinnamon Leaf Oil which are supposed to warm, stimulate & relax you. And will be interesting to see what colours it produces once put in the bath.

Fomo, Celestial & Angels on Bare Skin samples Lush, FREE

During my little venture in to lush today, I browsed several other products. When you’re in Lush & you have the time, you can’t help but have a good look at what wondrous products they have in store. I was tempted by a few others but wasn’t quite sure what else to buy and wondered a) if I would like it and b) if my sensitive skin would get on with it. So, one of the members of staff there suggested I take some samples. He asked a few questions about my skin and what sort of thing I was after and tried out 3 different products on me, all of which I liked and seemed ok on my skin. Celestial – a beautiful moisturizer perfect for sensitive skin like mine, one of the new jelly face masks – Fomo which calms, soothes & clears and Angles on Bare Skin which is a gentle, popular cleanser made from all-natural products. I liked them all so he said that I could have them all as samples to see how I get on with them & since I couldn’t decide what to get. I can’t wait to try them as see what one I might potentially buy.

Have a lovely weekend!

Love Natalie x X





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