7th Heaven Facemask Review

I do like a good face mask. They make you feel pampered & refreshed and you don’t have to pay the big prices that they charge at beauty salons for a treat. This is my review of the 7th Heaven charcoal face mask. I have tried several of their masks before over the years and have always liked, rated and been pleasantly surprised my them. You can get them in a variety of different mask types such as peel off, mud, sauna (self-heat), fabric serum infused & fabric clay infused. I have sensitive skin, so have always gone for the masks that are suitable for sensitive skin or the ones that use a main ingredient which has been known to be ok for sensitive skin. What I like about them is that they’re not tested on animals, are really good value & not one of them have irritated my skin. They’ve always given good results and I trust them.  On this occasion, I tried the charcoal mask. A popular choice at the moment across a lot of the beauty companies and tested out by beauty bloggers, charcoal is said to have many uses for beauty including teeth whitening, lightening the underarm area, controlling oily skin and activated charcoal is also a natural remedy used to flush out chemicals and toxins out of our bodies so they won’t be reabsorbed. I know right? Wowzers. So thought I’d give it a whirl and check it out.

This mask is for combination and oily skin. As a rule my skin had always been dry, but as I get older It’s changing. It’s not as dry as it used to be, and sometimes I notice that it does seem to have a combination of slightly oil and dry. So, after looking at this I bought the mask. The benefits of this mask were supposed to be that it was exfoliating, detoxing & and the charcoal helps absorb oil & impurities. Sure, it wasn’t specified for sensitive skin but any irritation and it was coming straight off. So, I opened the mask and got cracking by applying it all over my face and sitting back and relaxing for about 10 – 15 minutes as advised. I wore it whilst I was in the bath which was really relaxing and rinsed it off with some warm water then when I got out I splashed my face with some cold and checked to make sure all the residue was off and to lcose my pores.

As easy as it is to apply it can get very messy! So I’d advise that you apply this in the bathroom or somewhere where if any of the mask does happen to get on anything then it’s easy to wipe off. Applying it in the bath worked pretty well too as i just swished my hands etc. in the water to get it off as well as taking the mask off in there at the end.

After a few minutes of it being on my skin, I felt a tingling sensation. It wasn’t painful or irritating but I got the feeling it was going to work & working It’s magic. And could feel it more so after a few minutes. I kept an eye on it though and thankfully all was well and my sensitive skin was fine, It was just going to work.

Once off I could see a noticeable difference in my skin. It looked cleaner, brighter, smoother & healthier. It had cleansed & exfoliated my skin, had no irritation which I was really pleased with and didn’t feel anything bad after I had taken it off. This was a winner for me as a lot of products that I have applied to my face in the past have either caused my skin to react or give some slight irritation. At only £1 it is a bargain and such good value for what you get. It’s good quality, does the job and was fine for my sensitive skin.

I’d definitely recommend 7th Heaven masks as they are so good and for the price you can’t really go wrong. I would advise to get the one which is most suitable for your skin type, give it a whirl and go from there. Another good result from 7th Heaven.

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