Hello world!

Why hello. I’m Natalie pleased to meet you. Meet me? But I haven’t even met you I hear you say. Ahh, but have you ever met anyone not face to face ever before? Umm, no. Oh, but you have. The Facebook site that you check regularly, that well known person that you stalk on Twitter. Without knowing it you have got to know at least 1 person through social media. Or at least a good percentage about them anyway. You’re reading my first blog post now which means that you have taken an interest and seeing what myself & my blog is about. Why thank you! How nice of you to drop by. Well, let me tell you.

I’m 33-years-old and am a jobbing singer/dancer/actress/musical theatre performer. ¬†Creative, lover of cutesy type things like Kawaii (look it up, It’s adorably cute) vintage & retro, sensitive skinned, quite the Disney lover & on a mission to be a successful performer. I live with my boyfriend Ricky & my cat Snowball. Here she is re-enacting a scene from The Lion King.

I started this blog to share some of my passions. To reach out to people who might have similar interests, to those who don’t, to connect with others and to help & inspire people. Whether that be through information about make-up & beauty, helping someone start a business with Younique, giving my tips with health, wellbeing or fitness, make up tutorials, helping someone the best I can with my experience of diabetes, reactive hypoglycaemia, anxiety or depression or helping women who have overcome abuse as a survivor myself.

My blog will include blogs and information about make-up & beauty, lifestyle, performing, Younique & wellbeing as well as other things. I hope that you enjoy what you see and get a glimpse in to my world & my passions.

Have a lovely day



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